Log Cases in SearchUnify Community

Help is now available on the SearchUnify community. You can register and log a case. This article walks you through the steps.

Log a Case

  1. Go to community.searchunify.com and click Support.

  2. Enter the details:

    • Subject. A summary of your case in preferably 10 or fewer words including the keywords. The system analyses Subject to suggest help articles on the next page.
    • Category. Select a section to which your issue belongs. Correct categorization will help the support reps.
    • Description. Describe your issue. Include all the details which a support rep might need to reproduce the problem. It’s OK to over-communicate as long as the details don’t hinder understanding.
    • Environment. Select the environment where the issue occurred. The possible SearchUnify environment where you found the issue could be All, Production, or Sandbox.

  3. Click Next.

  4. A list of articles based on an analysis of Subject are displayed to help you find an answer right away. Check them out if they look relevant. A document in the list can save you much time, and might eliminate your need to contact support. If you don’t find an article related to your issue, click Continue.

  5. Add the details:

    • Email. The field will already be filled if you are a registered user and had logged in before raising the case. If it is not filled, enter your email address. All the updates will be shared as a comment (registered users) or on the email ID (users not registered).
    • Priority. Setting up the priority of the query helps support agents prioritize the issue. In case the field is not updated, priority is set on “Low”, by default.
    • Add Attachment. In case of any specific queries or errors, you can upload a screengrab and upload it to assist support reps. This article explains how to attach a file to a case.

  6. Click Submit. The following screen shows a successful submission.

If an asterisk (*) appears next to a field, then refill the field and click Submit.

Last updatedMonday, August 2, 2021

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