Advertisement Performance Report

Advertisement Performance Report measures the impact of advertisements on a search client for individual search terminologies. The impact of advertisements is measured in impressions and clicks.

You can find the report from Search Analytics > Overview. Scroll down on the overview screen to locate Advertisement Performance Report.

There are three columns in the report:

  • Search Text. This enlists the search terminologies for which the ads are set up. Click on the search icon to find an ad using its search text/phrase.

  • Appearances. This is the number of impressions on the ad(s). Appearances or impressions is the number of times your users have come across a specific ad.

  • Clicks.This is the number of clicks on the ad(s), meaning the number of times users clicked on a specific ad. Click on the sort icon to sort the ads from either highest number of impressions to lowest or vice versa.

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Last updatedTuesday, February 6, 2024

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