Case Creation Report

This is a Salesforce-specific report that captures the cases logged on your Salesforce community along with their IDs and titles. The report's six columns, running from left to right are:

  • # (). The sum of cases created is in parenthesis.
  • SearchUnify Case ID. Unique case ID.
  • Case Title. Subject of the case.
  • Session ID. Search session (SearchUnify) in which the case was created.
  • Email ID. Email address of the user who created the case.
  • User. Has two values: Internal (employees) or External (customers).
  • Date Time. Time when the case was created.

You can quickly find a case by looking it up by its SearchUnify Case ID, Case Title, Session ID, and Email ID — each of the four columns with a ICON in the header row are searchable.

Clicking on any row in the Session ID column opens a dialog detailing user activity during that section in two tables. The top table displays:

  • Session ID. The ID of the search session.
  • Searches. Sum of searches in the session.
  • Clicks. Sum of clicks on the search results page in the session.
  • Support Visit. true suggests the user landed on Support Page and false that user didn't.
  • Cases Logged. Sum of tickets created in that session.

In the second table are three columns:

  •  Activity Type. List of user actions. It can be Text Searched (keyword), Visited Support (landing on support page), Click Search Result.
  • Activity Details. For Text Search, the corresponding row presents the keyword searched. For other activities, a link to the page visited.
  • Time. The time of activity.

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