Content Experience Feedback

Content Experience Feedback collects and stores feedback from content and search pages on your help center, knowledge base, and other platforms. The articles with the most recent feedback are presented first. You can change the default order from Rating and select Sort By > Least Recent.

Another filter Yes/No, let's you sort the list by count, likes, and dislikes. On selecting Sort By Count, the articles with the most feedback are pushed to the top. Sort By Likes pulls the articles with most likes to the top. With Sort By Dislikes you can find out the articles in urgent need of improvement.

Stars/Emoticons is a filter. Check a value to find articles which received the selected star count or emoticon.

Click to download the report and use to share it. The people whom you share the report with receive the email with the subject "SearchUnify: Content Experience Feedback Report".


Textual Feedback isn't stored in SearchUnify. It's emailed straight to the email entered in the Email field of Search Feedback.

Download or Share

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