KCS Report

For companies moving to the Knowledge-Centered Support or Knowledge-Centered Service model of content generation, encouraging support teams to double as writers is an uphill battle. KCS Support Console eases the transition. Instead of a white screen, it displays articles which already have several fields—such as date, category, and in some scenarios the entire article body—filled. Support reps can tweak the template and save it as a draft.

So far, so good. Except that some agents adapt quickly and start publishing drafts almost immediately, while others need time to break the ice. The KCS Article Report helps you identify the quick adapters and the ones who generate the most articles.

The report has two columns: Case Subject and Count.

  • Case Subject lists the cases on which the articles have been created. You can identify a case by its subject.
  • Count captures the number of articles created on a particular case. It tends to be 1, but there is a possibility to have multiple articles for one case.

Click on any row in Count to view the title of the article created, the email address of the support team member who created the article, and the day when the article was created. This information is captured in the columns Article Title, Author, and Date respectively.

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