Searches with No Result

Searches for which results are not shown. The Searches with No Result report carries context now. Instead of simply listing the keywords for which no documents were found, the report will provide details, such as whether any filters were in use and what search operators were employed. Based on this information, admins can select the best course of action to plug content gaps: Create new article or educate users about advanced search.

A search can be no-result for multiple reasons:

  • Documents with the search keywords do not exist in your data repositories.
  • The user does not have the permission to see documents.
  • Your search client is not connected with the content source where the documents are stored.

Further to assist content teams, this report captures Successive Searches with clicks which helps to understand the user journey. These successive searches could be made by the users as an alternative to unsuccessful search queries (no results produced). In the latter searches, user could have found a useful document and Admin might want to boost the same document for the unsuccessful search query.

For example: 13 users have searched for the keyword ‘data’ 80 times in their 17 sessions, but no results were produced. On the right, 5 searches were made which gave relevant results that users end up clicking on the search results.

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