NLP Manager

This section lets you add Natural Language Processing functionality to your search clients. How smart would it be if your search client gives suggestions for misspelled queries, and not just grammatically correct suggestions, but also the ones that make sense in your specific business context? NLP Manager on SearchUnify Help Docs figures out the brand name and corrects the query “srchunifi” to “SearchUnify” instead of a “search” and “unify” -- two perfectly valid English words. Or, if you host a documentation center, your search client knows on its own that when users look up ‘languages’, they mean ‘computer languages’.

NLP Manager

Use NLP Manager to train your search client to parse sentences and recognize synonyms using Add Synonyms.

Did You Mean

Use Did You Mean to provide ‘did you mean’ suggestions when a user misspells a keyword.

Suggestion Removal

Suggestion Removal is used at times when an admin might want to turn off ‘did you mean’ suggestions for certain keywords.

Manage Stopwords

Manage Stopwords enables you to create a list of words that are removed from search queries before their processing. Articles, conjunctions, pronouns, and/or other grammatical particles can be removed using this feature so that they do not impact search results.