Thursday, March 7, 2024
Thursday, March 7, 2024

SearchUnify Release Notes (v23.12)

The most significant update in the final 2023 release is the Save for Later feature, which enables users to store search results for future reference. Additionally, Zendesk tickets, including those not categorized under specific topics, are now searchable. Furthermore, two new objects have been added to the Higher Logic Vanilla content source, expanding its capabilities

Save Search Results for Later Reading

Save for Later allows search users to store up to 50 search results with their URLs and titles. Saving is effortless; simply click the Save for Later button on the search results page.

To view stored results, click Saved Bookmarks and Results.

More information: Save Search Results for Later Use

Salesforce Content Source: Streamlined Index Cleaning

When you archive or delete a group in the Salesforce content source, both the group data and its related feed items are automatically removed from our index during the next frequency crawl. This ensures your search results only include relevant and updated content.

More information:  Use Salesforce As a Content Source

Zendesk Indexing Enhancement

Deleted posts are removed from the SearchUnify index using webhooks.

A new field named "label" is now supported for the object "article"

Previously, permissions were only updated for articles and tickets during frequency crawls. Now, they are updated for posts as well.

In the past, tickets in Zendesk couldn't be crawled if there were no spaces. This issue has been resolved, allowing tickets to be crawled even in the absence of spaces for articles and posts

More information: Use Zendesk As a Content Source

SearchUnifyGPT™ on Salesforce Communities

SearchUnifyGPT™ works on Salesforce Lightning Communities now. Earlier only website search clients were supported.

More information: Basic Search Client Configurations

Other Updates

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