Agent Helper for Support Agents

Agent Helper is an app that enables support reps to solve cases quickly by presenting several key pieces of information right on a case page, including customer sentiment, related cases, recommended articles, and recommended experts. Using this information, support reps can custom-handle each case, improve CSAT, and avoid escalations. This article walks you through installing and configuring Agent Helper.

Installing Agent Helper

  1. Go to Apps and open Install New App.

  2. Install Agent Helper.

Configuring Agent Helper in Salesforce Console

Once you have installed the Agent Helper app, you can see it under the Apps section.

  1. From the admin panel, expand the Apps section and click Agent Helper.

  2. Click Add New Configuration.

  3. Select Salesforce. This is where Agent Helper is going to be configured. NOTE. Zendesk is not yet supported.

  4. Select the Search Client and you will see two additional fields popped-up on the screen: Select content source and Select fields. Choose a content source from a drop-down list in the Select content source and select fields from a drop-down list in the Select fields field.

  5. Click Next.

  6. You will now land on Data Conditions. It is optional thought but you can use this to further refine training data. For instance, in the next image you can see the settings if your goal is to train Agent Helper only on cases whose account ID series is less than 5415 and Account ID is greater than 14.

  7. Scroll down and you will see Field Logic section. You can use field row numbers using operators AND, OR, and NOT. For illustration, an example is given under the Please enter logic field - (1 AND 2) OR (1 AND 3).

  8. Once done, click Complete. You have successfully configured the Agent Helper and will see it on the Agent Helper page.

After you have configured the Agent Helper, click Train to complete the training model. You can also use the toggle to enable/disable the Agent helper app.