Manage Users

Users roles in SearchUnify are of three kinds:

  1. Super Admin. There can be one, or at most two, Super Admins in an instance. A Super Admin can add or remove any Admin or Moderator, change access control settings for Admins and Moderators, and make calls to any API
  2. Admin. An admin can add or remove other Admins and Moderators. An Admin sets Moderator permissions. For example, the Admin can let a Moderator edit content sources and search clients or restrict access to viewing search analytics.
  3. Moderator. A moderator can never add or remove users. The permissions are limited to what an Admin has assigned.

Manage Users enables you to add and remove users, change their role and scope, set up a hosted index, and use an identity management software with SearchUnify.

  1. Add a User
  2. Delete a User
  3. Change User Role
  4. Change User Scope
  5. Hosted Search Users: View Okta Users Logging into SearchUnify
  6. Use an Identity Management Software (SSO Sign-In) to Log into SearchUnify

Last updatedFriday, November 27, 2020