Manage Users

In large organizations, many teams use SearchUnify simultaneously. Manage Users helps admins to configure access permissions so that one team cannot edit the content source or search client of another team accidentally. The functions in Manage Users allow admins to add and remove users, change user role and scope, set up a hosted index, and use an identity management software with SearchUnify.

Users roles in SearchUnify

Users roles in SearchUnify are of three kinds:

  1. Super Admin. There can be one, or at most two, Super Admins in an instance. A Super Admin can add or remove Admins or Moderators, change access control settings for any role, and make calls to any API
  2. Admin. An admin can add and delete Moderators, and configure access for Moderator. An admin can add new admins but cannot delete existing admins.
  3. Moderator. A moderator can never add or remove users. The permissions are limited to what an Admin has assigned.

Manage Users Features

The following configurations can be performed under the Manage Users tab.

  • Access Control Settings. Only for Super Admins. They can configure access rights for admins and moderators. Three settings are available: 
    • Public. All users can see and edit all search clients and content sources.
    • Private. All users can see all search clients and content sources, but edit access is limited to the team to which the content source or search client belongs.
    • Protected. Users can only see the search clients and content sources which belong to their team.

Last updatedFriday, September 22, 2023

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