Apps equip your SearchUnify platform with additional capabilities by adding several useful features to it. You can click on Apps to view the Apps Store where you can install these new applications on your instance to extend its functionality. Once added, these apps will start appearing under the Apps option as a dropdown on the Navigation Panel.

Currently, SearchUnify offers eight apps. To find these, click Apps and then Install new App, and go ahead with the installation process with a click of a button.

SearchUnify offers the eight apps. To find the, click Apps and then Install new App, where you can go ahead in installation with the click of a button.

Select an App

  • Agent Helper. Solve cases quickly by getting information on related cases and KB articles right on the case page.
  • Case Deflection. Enable Stage Two Case Deflection.
  • Community Helper. An entire team of support reps wrapped into a nifty bot.
  • Duplicacy Checker. Find duplicate documents in a content source or across content sources.
  • Email Tracking. Map User IDs with emails.
  • Escalation Predictor. Preempt escalations for better handling support tickets.
  • KCS Support Console. Install the KCS Support Console in Salesforce Console.
  • Knowledge Graph. Maintain engagement on your community with an app that provides answers even before a user has clicked a result and suggests related documents.
  • On-Premises. Download and host SearchUnify indexes on your servers.
  • Virtual Agent. Powerful Virtual Agent that can be easily installed.

Last updatedTuesday, January 19, 2021

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