Manage SearchUnify Instance with Built-in Tools

SearchUnify offers several embedded tools for instance and user management and data security in three categories: 


In Security you can restrict access to particular IPs, get detailed admin activity logs, and access a personalized login page domain.

Manage Users

Add and remove users, change their role and scope, set up a hosted index, and use an identity management software in Manage Users.

  • Admin Users. Add or delete users, manage user roles, and change user scope.
  • Access Control Settings. Super Admin can configure access rights for admins and moderators.
  • SSO Sign In. Use an Identity Management Software (SSO Sign-In) to directly log into SearchUnify.
  • Hosted Search Users. View all the users logging into SearchUnify from an identity management software.


Configure email subscriptions to receive email notifications for keyword tracking, analytics monitoring, and keeping a track of content source indexing. Three subscriptions are available in Alerts.

Last updatedThursday, March 23, 2023

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