Search Analytics

Stay on top of search and content usage data with Search Analytics, which captures more than 30 search and content metrics—including total searches, conversions, cases created, popular articles, and case deflections—to find patterns in search activity, uncover the information needs of users, and assist admins perform thorough content gap analyses. The data on metrics, streaming in from search clients, reflects in SearchUnify Analytics within 120 seconds of their being captured.

The reports are placed into three categories:

  1. Overview
  2. Conversions
  3. Content Gap Analysis

In each category, the reports can be filtered by user type, search client, and time.

  • Select User. Available for Salesforce, Lithium, and other platforms. Using it, you can run reports for employees and partners (Internal Users) and customers and public (External Users) separately.
  • Select Search Clients. Useful to run reports for each search client separately.
  • Date Range. Time filter that can display up to six month's data at a time.


For Mamba '20 and earlier versions, the maximum Date Range is one month.

The maximum Date Range in Colubridae '20 and later versions is six months. If you are pulling a report with the maximum Date Range, then:

  • The data can be off by at most ±0.2 percent
  • Data may take up to 2 minutes to reflect in Search Analytics

In each category, an admin can:

Last updatedFriday, September 4, 2020